How to choose STUNAHOME Orthopaedic Sneakers?

Do you have sensitive feet, but love to play sports? Then choosing a good pair of orthopedic sneakers is essential to keep your feet comfortable. Good foot support, quality insoles and a lightweight model are some of the criteria to consider when making your purchase. At Stunahome, you will find a selection of products with an impeccable quality/price ratio to reduce pain during your sports sessions.


Women's and men's orthopedic sneakers are designed to ensure the comfort of sensitive feet.

Find out what an orthopedic shoe is?

The use of orthopedic shoes is particularly recommended in case of :

*Plantar Fasciitis;

*Foot deformity (hallux valgus, flat feet, hollow feet, etc.);

*Diabetic foot;

*Wide foot;

*Heel spur;


Suitable for non-standard feet, orthopedic sneakers offer unparalleled comfort during active walking and sports.

How to choose Orthopaedic Sneakers?

The size of the shoes

Unlike standard models, a single orthopedic sneaker model is designed to fit multiple body types. This is why orthopedic sneakers allow you to select shoes that are perfectly adapted to your foot size by choosing your size, but also your width.

Therefore, orthopedic sneakers give your foot the space it needs to spread out comfortably without giving up excellent support.


Another important criterion to guide you in your purchase of orthopedic comfort sneakers is the quality of the insoles. Indeed, both the outsole and the insole must meet specific expectations.

As for the outsole, choose a light and cushioning sole. The more shock absorption you have when walking, the less pain you will experience. For example, choose a polyurethane sole.

For the insole, choose a memory foam or gel insole. Above all, make sure that the original insoles are removable. Indeed, in case of sensitive feet, it is not uncommon to have to wear a custom-made orthosis. In this case, you must be able to remove the insoles and replace them with your own orthopedic insoles without losing volume in the sneaker.

The material of the shoe

Finally, your pair of orthopedic sneakers must be forgotten during your walk or your sports session. To do this, choose a model that is available in a lightweight material, such as leather or textile. Other advantages of leather or textile are that they are flexible and conform to the shape of your foot, ensuring optimal moisture transfer.

We collected feedback from people who bought "Orthopedic Sneakers - Sienna"

4 Reviews
Karen S

A little tight to get on as I have slightly wider feet but comfy once on. Good support and well cushioned

Sienna M

I have arthritis in my hip and knee, and it has caused me to have foot problems. I couldn't put my foot down flat and had to walk on my toes but not anymore. These shoes are perfect and the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. But the insole support is not enough for me.

Annie P

I can't wear them to work because the ground where I work is very slippery and the shoes are not as slip resistant as I would like.

Susan A

The vamp is prone to collapse

"2023 Upgraded Orthopaedic Sneakers - Sienna" What has been upgraded?

  • New upgraded soles

    The material of the sole was replaced according to the walking habit and the force position of the foot, and the technology of the sole was upgraded to better fit the curve of the foot, to meet the needs of people in more industries for anti-skid soles.

  • New upgraded insoles

    We found 100 volunteers with different degrees of foot disease to mold and redesigned the soles, made 20 types of insoles using materials of different densities, and finally selected an insole with both softness and support, the difference from the old model is the softness of the insole, the upgraded model can be worn for a longer time and the feet will not feel tired.

  • New upgraded vamp

    The upper is knitted using technology to better fit the back of the foot, The difference from the old model is that the new model increases the knitting density of the upper, which is not easy to collapse, but at the same time ensures the breathability of the shoe

Please see the full presentation of the upgraded Orthopaedic Sneakers

2023 Upgraded Orthopaedic Sneakers - Sienna